Does the caliber of your fitness center reflect your brand?

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Is employee membership at an optimal level?

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Does it compare favorably with others in your industry?

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Are practices in place to reduce waste and maximize cost efficiencies?

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Are you pleased with the fitness center management team performance?

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Is the fitness center a point of pride in your organization?

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Your results:

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If you honestly replied “yes” to most of these questions, congratulations! If not, it might be a good time to let Midtown Health invigorate your fitness center, simultaneously raising quality standards and fiscal performance through a strategic approach, committed management and a wide range of support services.

Let us get your corporate fitness center into outstanding shape

Your fitness center has amazing potential. Not only can it help your current employees be healthy and productive, but it can also be an attractive incentive for prospective hires. It can act as a “brand steward” that elevates your company’s stature in the community and within your industry.

No one understands creating a remarkable member experience more than Midtown Health. Our detail orientation and experience in managing fitness centers for Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 companies have resulted in measurable, consistent results—from increases in new membership and member retention to improved employee health and well being.

We also unleash the momentum in office-building fitness centers

Midtown Health excels in operating cost effectively while maintaining cutting-edge, service-focused fitness centers. As your fitness-center management company, we serve as ambassadors for your tenant relations by taking care of their employees’ health and wellbeing needs. We also keep you competitive in attracting and retaining tenants by elevating your level of amenities.

CASE STUDY: Getting a Fitness Center in Shape


A Fortune 100 company was operating a fitness center at its world headquarters at a net loss of $250,000 per year in EBITDAR.


Immediately upon taking over the management, Midtown Health developed and implemented a marketing plan to sell club memberships to others in the area, which we accomplished without disrupting the corporate culture of the fitness center. We also leveraged our extensive range of central support services to save the fitness center money. By implementing industry best practices, we quickly brought the club up to maximum efficiency.


Within 18 months, we had eliminated the EBITDAR subsidy and posted a profit of $25,000. Within five years, we increased the EBITDAR profit to $250,000 annually.

So contact us today and learn more about how we can assist you in providing quality overall care at a maximum value. Together, we can navigate health care reform and improve the overall health of the communities you serve!