Do you feel that your current fitness center is living up to its potential and representing your organization in the best light?

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Does the fitness center fully integrate with your medical service lines to extend the continuum of care for your patients?

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Has membership declined or remained stagnant?

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Is there positive word-of-mouth (and consistent usage) among your employees?

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Is it consistently profitable?

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Does it look and feel like a first-rate facility?

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Your results:

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If you honestly answered “yes” to most of these questions, terrific! If not, we should talk about how we can deliver Healthy Results™ to your patients, employees, and members. With our extensive experience managing successful health clubs, we seamlessly integrate a cohesive, well-trained team of support services that embark upon a strategic plan to unleash your profit potential.

Our unique approach to member service, beREMARKABLE℠, is designed to help our team create and consistently deliver a first-class member experience that will extend your continuum of care.

An optimized fitness center for optimal health

Let’s not forget why you have a fitness center in the first place—the powerful benefits for your patients and employees. Midtown Health’s associates include masters-level exercise physiologists, qualified fitness coaches,  and registered dieticians, who can all serve as physician extenders to help your patient population stay healthy long term. Our proven range of effective, innovative  medical-integration programs can truly set your organization apart, drive down health-care costs and support your clinical network.

CASE STUDY: Transitioning to a Healthier Solution


A health system’s health-and-wellness center was experiencing a downward financial trend.


Midtown Health transitioned this client’s culture from one of “Operations and Service” to one of “Service and Sales.” We did it by providing service and sales training to fitness-center staff along with a marketing strategy, while staying fully aligned with the health system’s mission. We also streamlined management, righted payroll and extended cost savings to the client by using our central purchasing services.


We helped the health system realize a 51% improvement in EBITDAR in the first year alone.  In year two,  membership dues increased by 11% compounded annually, and Net Income improved by 65%.  Financial improvements continue year after year.

So contact us today and learn more about how we can assist you in providing quality overall care at a maximum value. Together, we can navigate health care reform and improve the overall health of the communities you serve!