Finding Leadership That Leads to Success

Finding Leadership That Leads to Success


This large Health System had a fitness center that was firmly in the red. They approached us because of their finances, and an impending problem: their senior management team was closing in on retirement. They needed to work with a fitness management company with experience identifying talent outside their organization and training that talent to help turn around the business.

In only two years, we helped hire and train a new management team that turned around the struggling fitness center and started making a profit.



Operating in the red, the fitness centers lacked leadership and fitness center expertise in standard operating procedures


Replaced retiring management team with fitness center professionals trained through Midtown University.  Deployed Midtown’s Central Services team to transition billing system, accounting practices, and standard operating procedures.   


Improved the Net Operating Income by XX% in 24 months, through a XX% increase in membership sales and a XX% improvement in member retention.