Integrating Fitness into Corporate Culture

Integrating Fitness into Corporate Culture


We know how important corporate fitness centers are to a company's culture and health benefits package.

The problem here was that the company's own employees didn't perceive the fitness center as a vital benefit. We were brought on to engage employees with the fitness center and make it a bigger, more important part of company culture. The fitness center needed to become a communal gathering place focused on employee well-being.

Within one year of our starting, employee engagement increased nearly 100%.


This corporate fitness center, available to outside tenant memberships, did not embrace the company culture and was not perceived internally as an important employee benefit.


We turned the fitness center into an instrumental pillar of the employee benefits by integrating the fitness center into the company’s wellness program and collaborating with the corporate Human Resources team.


Employee engagement in the fitness center improved by nearly 100% in 12 months