Cultivating a Sales-Focused Culture

Cultivating a Sales-Focused Culture


Our 50 years of experience in fitness center management makes us experts in cultivating cultures that lead to success.

This large Health System fitness center starting sliding into a sustained, downward financial trend. They reached out to us to help turn the business around. By implementing and integrating our marketing, payroll, accounting and HR services, as well as transforming their management culture to be more sales-focused, the fitness center immediately saw improvement.

In only one year, their financial downward trend not only stalled, but reversed. They now maintain year-over-year financial growth.

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A health system’s health-and- wellness center was experiencing a downward financial trend.


Midtown Health transitioned this client’s culture from one of “Operations and Service” to one of “Service and Sales.” We did it by providing service and sales training to fitness-center staff along with a marketing strategy, while staying fully aligned with the health system’s mission. We also streamlined management, righted payroll and extended cost savings to the client by using our central purchasing services.


We helped the health system realize a 51% improvement in EBITDAR in the first year alone.  In year two, membership dues increased by 11% compounded annually, and Net Income improved by 65%.  Financial improvements continue year after year.