Raising Participation Through Programming

Raising Participation Through Programming


Participation is a core part of all fitness centers, and especially so for corporate fitness. This corporate fitness center was struggling to engage employees and get them in the door.

We helped them implement a stable of fun, dynamic fitness programs that helped excite their employees and bring them into the fitness center. Only 2 years after taking over management, employee engagement (attendance more than once weekly) in the fitness center increased from 28% to 42%.


This corporate client had a small, on-site fitness center that lacked employee participation.


While the fitness center looked great, we realized their employe attendance was down because of a lack of great programming. We implemented group exercise classes, personal and group training, intramural sports and activities, a running club, a walking club, a bike to work club, wellness screenings, workout challenges through a branded app, and ongoing health and well-being initiatives.


After taking over management of the club and implementing the new programming, the percentage of employees using the fitness center more than once per week rose from 28% to 42% in 24 months.