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We take pride in our associates and what they accomplish. We also believe we are an organization that our associates are proud to be part of. If you’re seeking a career in which you can really have impact, with an industry-leading team and ongoing skills development to get you there, please apply.

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Midtown's beREMARKABLE℠ training program is our proven method for empowering all employees to achieve career success. It works by helping you identify your strengths within the team, and encouraging you to pursue the work that you are most passionate about.  



"IT ISN'T OFTEN WHEN YOU FIND an organization that truly exemplifies the aspirations of its vision and values; Midtown Health is one of those rare organizations."

– Debbie Bloomfield
Chief Financial Officer, Senior Vice President, Catholic Health Partners, Ohio & Kentucky


Midtown's Mission

Midtown fitness centers are a great place to work out, and a great place to work. To us, that means cultivating an active, inspired community dedicated to improving lives through wellness. We like to say that "active and social people lead happier lives". It's a philosophy that pushes us to always be our best.