Healthy Results

Training Existing Management for Financial Success


This Health System fitness center was operating firmly in the red, but had concern over a full management transition. They brought us on to re-train existing management.

We transitioned the management team to Midtown Health associates, all at their current pay, and used our industry expertise to introduce a success-driven fitness management culture. 

We quickly increased sales, retention and therefore net income. The fitness center also now ranks 2nd in Net Promoter Score, a key industry-wide metric measuring overall member satisfaction for all fitness centers across the entire industry.


We trained current leadership to increase sales and retention imediately.



This health system fitness center was operating in the red. They lacked membership marketing and sales acumen. Client leadership was concerned about the disruption of a management transition and the future for long term existing employees.


When we took over management duties, we turned all existing Center employees into Midtown Health associates at their current rates of pay.  We extended training, career ladders, and peer support to those associates, as well as implemented Midtown Health’s best practices in marketing, prospecting, sales, tracking and member retention follow up.


The fitness center
added $1M to net operating income
in less than 3 years.



Improved membership sales by 13%, and retention by 8% adding over $1M to net operating income in less than 3 years. This club now achieves the second highest Net Promoter Score in member satisfaction in the entire health club industry.

Net Operating Income by Million