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Medical Integration of Continuum of Care


Midtown Health’s professional, qualified fitness staff serve as “physician extenders” to enhance patient outcomes and to provide them with the guidance, tools and resources to stay healthy for the long term. The team may include registered nurses, masters level exercise physiologists, certified medical fitness specialists, corrective exercise specialists, and wellness coaches. 

In tandem with the health system’s physicians and clinicians, the fitness center staff can reduce admissions, improve quality measures, and promote long-term patient health maintenance


Your fitness center can fully integrate with your medical service lines to extend the continuum of care for your patients. 



A Health System was concerned with the fitness center’s lack of medically based programming that would enhance their physicians’ ability to improve patient outcomes.  They wanted to strengthen the health system’s overall mission of “improving the health of the community.”


Midtown Health, in conjunction with physicians developed a dynamic, patient-centered twelve-week program that introduces patients to movement, eating better and mindfulness in an educational, interactive and fun environment. Primary care physicians and service line providers now prescribe these programs through the hospital’s EHR to enhance patient outcomes, to return them to the activities of daily living and to improve quality measures.   


We helped improve
key health indicators improving overall health and wellness.



Program participants see dramatic reductions in key performance indicators in just 12 weeks

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