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Midtown Health's expertise in health system and hospital fitness center management is second to none. We think like owners, because we are. Midtown Health is not a consulting company.  We are the only management company that blends real estate ownership experience operating high-end retail health clubs with managing hospital health and fitness centers that focus on member attraction and retention.

We understand and appreciate the retail opportunity of attracting patients and members of the community while simultaneously appealing to the attraction and retention of current employees of your health system. 




Your mission is the foundation of your business and, certainly, your fitness center must be culturally aligned with its values as the filter for all center-operating decisions. 

Midtown Health's unparalleled hospital fitness center management supports your mission in providing the opportunity for your health system to create a continuum of care between your health system and your fitness center. 

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In order for your fitness center to live up to its potential means it must be consistently profitable or, at least, financially sustainable. If it's not generating attractive margins, it can't support your mission. 

Understanding that your hospital fitness center operates as a retail business is part of Midtown's recipe for success. Integrating a culture of service with sales allows you to achieve your top goal of attracting and retaining members.

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Every member and patient interaction - from the front desk check-in, to your patient wellness programs, to the membership sales process, to the group fitness classes - is a reflection of your health system and its integrity. 

Your hospital or health based fitness center is your premier consumer-facing asset. Midtown Health management allows you to provide a remarkable and memorable experience for your employees, your patients, and all members of your community. 

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