Healthy Results

Midtown Health Fitness & Wellness Assessment

The more we learn about you, the more we may help you unleash your fitness & wellness center’s momentum. We ask the following information to allow us to provide the most accurate assessment unique to you and your facility.  Information is kept in the strictest confidentiality. 

Name *
Financial Sustainability
Let us help you benchmark and compare your key financial statistics with industry norms and best practices.
Medical Integration
This section will enable our experts to help you more clearly define how to play an integral part in your health system’s continuum of care. Please answer the following questions with as much detail you can provide.
If so, how is your referral system managed (i.e. by whom- fitness director, membership sales, medical integration director, etc.)?
Digital Footprint
You’ve have a great story to tell, allow us to learn how you currently market and advise on how you can deepen your reach.
Do you heavily promote programs or services? If so, which specific programs do you promote?
If so, is this service managed in-house or outsourced; And what is your current monthly spend on Google AdWords
If so, please indicate what your current provider is.
Do you utilize any in-club digital marketing (TV Screens, Monitors, machines, etc)
For example, spa, cafe, childcare, group exercise classes, high intensity interval training, swim lessons, etc.
Our team will analyze your responses above and will be in contact with you within 5 business days.