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Midtown Health's expertise in health system and hospital fitness center management is second to none. We think like owners, because we are. Midtown Health is not a consulting company.  We are the only management company that blends real estate ownership experience operating high-end retail health clubs with managing hospital health and fitness centers that focus on member attraction and retention.

We understand and appreciate the retail opportunity of attracting patients and members of the community while simultaneously appealing to the attraction and retention of current employees of your health system. 


Find Improvements Everywhere.

Our 50 years of experience in hospital and corporate fitness center management gives us the expertise to help identify potential challenges and build sustainable solutions for success.




Great success starts with great people, and we have a long track record of finding and training the best people in the business. Whether it is the class instructors, personal trainers, or back-end support, we've helped retrain our client's current employees to better manage your hospital or corporate fitness center and also helped recruit top talent from within the industry. 




Our expertise in fitness center management is fueled by our passion for wellness and our recognition is well earned. We don't just understand industry's best practices; we helped craft them. When it comes to creating, executing, and sustaining plans for corporate and hospital fitness center success, nobody comes close to Midtown Health.



Ahead Of The Industry

Midtown Health provides you with full access to our back-end support system which is second to none. That means taking advantage of our centralized accounting, HR, equipment purchasing, sales & marketing, and much more. It also means your fitness center gets a huge boost in innovative technology driven programming like wellness, training, classes, and just about everything.