Healthy Results

Raising Participation Through Programming


This corporate fitness center was struggling to engage employees and get them in the door.

We implemented a variety of fun and dynamic fitness programs that excited their employees and brought them into the fitness center more often. Only 2 years after taking over management, employee engagement (attendance more than once weekly) in the fitness center increased from 28% to 42%.


We implement dynamic fitness programs.



This corporate client had a small, on-site
fitness center that lacked employee participation.


We implemented group exercise classes, personal and group training, intramural sports and activities, a running club, a walking club, a bike to work club, wellness screenings, workout challenges through a branded app, and ongoing health and well-being initiatives.


Employees who used the club
once per week rose from 28% to 42%.



After taking over management of the club and implementing the new programming, the percentage of employees using the fitness center more than once per week rose from 28% to 42% in 24 months.

Member Weekly Participation Percentage