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In an industry fueled by technology it is imperative that your hospital or corporate fitness center brings the newest and most innovative technology to the forefront of its programming. Midtown Health offers an array of opportunities to integrate technology within your fitness center to be both engaging and interactive with your employees and members.



Health and fitness often goes hand in hand with competition. Whether it's individually or within a group setting we connect your fitness center members with the ability to track their effort, progress, and goals. Midtown Health works with multiple companies who offer wearable heart monitor tracking devices, in-class effort tracking, as well as the ability to monitor their fitness goals and progress in and outside of your fitness center using any tracking device with the ease of an online portal or mobile app.

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In the digital age with which we live in, offering the ease of online scheduling is a must. Midtown Health acknowledges the importance of this necessity and provides a fully integrated, easy to use system. Within your custom, personal website your members will find the ease of locating group fitness class schedules as well as setting reminders, booking a spot within the class, or even contacting their personal trainer directly. Our goal is to offer your members the ability and flexibility to schedule anywhere and any time that is convenient for them.



Overall wellness reaches far beyond the use of treadmills, weights, or other equipment within a fitness center. Midtown Health prides itself on its ability to offer a whole body wellness both in-club and online We offer an online wellness screen, various in-office programming for stress management, and a medical board approved wellness development program to provide your employees with the tools and support they need to achieve succcess. In addition our online support through brand forward web portals, online scheduling, and social media allows your members to feel connected 24/7.


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