Healthy Results

Transforming a Fitness Center from Loss to Profit


A Fortune 100 company chose us to take over management of their fitness center that had been operating at a loss since opening. The center posted a profit 18 months after bringing us on. That profit increased tenfold in another five years.


Financial success is our priority.



A Fortune 100 company was operating a fitness
center at its world headquarters at a net loss of $250,000 per year in EBITDAR.


Immediately upon taking over the management,
Midtown Health developed and implemented a
marketing plan to sell club memberships to others
in the area, which we accomplished without
disrupting the corporate culture of the fitness
center. We also leveraged our extensive range of
central support services to right expenses. By implementing industry best practices, we quickly brought the club up to maximum profitability. 


Increased EBITDAR profit
to $263,000 annually.



Within 18 months, we had eliminated the EBITDAR subsidy and posted a profit of $25,000. Within five years, we increased the EBITDAR profit to $263,000 annually.